What is Columbus Trivia Challenge?

Columbus Trivia Challenge is a live, interactive trivia game with music and prizes that is hosted in some of the top bars and restaurants around Columbus.

Why should I host a trivia night?

Live trivia is a terrific way to increase sales on slow nights and is the fastest-growing form of bar entertainment around. Bands are complicated and expensive. Karaoke can be done alone and for short periods of time. Trivia games encourage people to get a group of friends together. They pool their knowledge and have fun debating answers while enjoying a nice night out, and they stay for the duration of the game!

Why Columbus Trivia Challenge?

Lots of reasons! First of all, Columbus Trivia Challenge is the largest, most popular trivia game in Columbus. Our most popular games average well over 100 people playing on twenty or more teams. We’ve been featured both in Columbus Monthly Magazine and The Dispatch. Secondly, unlike many other trivia games in town, we do not purchase bulk questions with faulty answers from a service. All questions are professionally written and researched every week. We also ask our questions one at a time, giving teams an opportunity to discuss each question instead of trying to answer several all at once. And the great music helps to keep the energy up! Another important difference is RULES! We have a strict rule against the use of cell phones or laptops during play to keep the game fair for everyone. At many games around town, teams can be seen openly looking up answers, even as the question is being asked. That’s not fair, and it’s not fun. People won’t play a game they have no chance of winning. At Columbus Trivia Challenge, we make sure that everyone is on a level playing field and has an equal chance to win! Finally, while every game has its strengths and weaknesses, it all comes down to the person hosting the game. Do your guests want to come back and see that person again next week? Our game was founded by a professional comic who knows how to engage a crowd and keep them entertained. Each of our friendly, out-going hosts is trained to keep things fun, and keep the game moving!

How can I learn more?

Just contact us! We will set up a time to come out and meet you at your place of business to discuss the best night and time for your customers, the best location to set up in, cost and prizes and when we can start YOUR trivia night!

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