On Thursday we reached out to thank all of our great trivia teams. Today, we’d like to take a minute to thank the other trivia games in town. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, many games around town are singing our praises! In the past two weeks, owners and operators from FOUR other trivia games in town have come down to watch us work and take notes.

Two of them introduced themselves and said hi. The other two watched quietly, but were identified by some of our players who recognized them. One of them even took pictures of the Grandview crowd and host during the game! A lot of people have come up to me lately asking about games at other locations, saying they’re using our format, our questions, even our team sheets. While I would prefer they not take so liberally from what we’re doing, we’re truly flattered that they think so highly of us. Unfortunately for them, the secret lies not in the format, but in the hosts! Until they find a way to copy US, CTC will keep right on truckin’!   🙂

Thanks again to everyone who plays! Hope to see you all again soon. Oh, and other trivia hosts…say hi next time, ok?


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