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Believe it or not, ye skeptics, but many of our players like to come up and ask how the trivia games are going, how the other locations are doing, etc. etc.. (No, really!!) So with the start of a new year, this seems like a good time to take trivial inventory.


2011 was, thanks almost entirely to those of you reading this, a TERRIFIC year for us! When 2011 began, we had just four locations. Two nights at the Grandview Cafe, Lucky’s in Hilliard, and The Barn. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. (Blog about?) But thanks to the support and interest of the amazing teams and friends who support us, we grew and grew fast!

The first new location we added was Jed’s in Hilliard. We just had our one-year anniversary there and we’re proud to say that over the course of that year, this has become one of our flagship locations. Quickly on the heels of that, we expanded into The Filling Station, Yogi’s, Hampton’s on King, and our newest location, Pastimes Pub in Worthington. Each has taken on it’s own identity, too. Several locations offer trophies to winning teams, some take reservations and some even give away cash prizes! We’ve made lots of new friends and are extremely grateful to each and every one of you!

Also in 2011, we started our Facebook page, which is up to over 400 “likes” now. (Are you one of them??) We started this webpage you’re graciously visiting right now, and we’re integrating the Twitter feed into the mix as well, peppering in hints about questions and keeping people up-to-date on last minute schedule changes, seating availability and new locations.


There were, unfortunately, a few minor setbacks. As hard as we work at delivering the best trivia experience anywhere in Ohio, the game doesn’t work at every location. We added and lost a few spots in 2011. Bar Louie Easton, Cbus Sports Pub and Cemento’s all came and went this year. Their failure certainly was not the fault of the owners and managers who hosted them. The support, effort and partnership we received from all of them was tremendous, but we just weren’t able to draw the crowds we wanted. We were sad to lose those places, but very grateful to the venues for the opportunity and especially to all the teams who supported those spots!


This has been, by any measure, a wildly successful year for us! Success is often accompanied, though, by her ugly cousin, Jealousy. There have been numerous attempts to copy our game, our style, even our name! One company has taken to calling itself Columbus Trivia League, another is simply Columbus Trivia. Our domain is columbustrivia.com; so one of them (and honestly, who cares which?) has reserved the domain name columbustrivia.net. They copy our Facebook page, post winning team photos the way we do. Someone even stopped into the Grandview Cafe and littered the bar with business cards for their trivia business!

Needless to say, those cards were gathered up by the bartenders and servers, thrown in the trash, and a most unpleasant call was placed to the person who left them. Better luck next time! One company did manage to steal away one of our hosts. Ironically, by taking our weakest link, they’ve actually made our business and locations much stronger as a whole, so thank you!   🙂

Obviously, no one owns a copyright on asking silly questions in a bar. Anyone is free to do it, and we welcome the competition. It would just be nice if they would try to beat us on quality, rather than trying to trick people into thinking they’re us! All is fair and love and trivia, however, and our response will be what it has always been: to provide Columbus with the very best trivia experience anywhere in the midwest!


Our number one goal is to continue hosting the biggest, best and most fair games in town. Beyond that, we really hope to add some new members to our family this year. We would love to expand into new parts of town. We would love to expand into the east side, the south side, up in the Northeast around Westerville. If you know of any fun neighborhood bars where you’d like to play trivia with us, please let us know. Or better yet, let your bar know! Suggest to the managers they join the Columbus Trivia Challenge family!

Also, let us know what we can do to keep providing you with the best experience. Let us know what changes or additions you’d like to see to the website, to the Facebook page, or new ways to use Twitter to reach you. This site, and this company, is as much yours as it is ours. We definitely could NOT host games for an empty room!

In the meantime, we thank you all so much for your continued support and friendship and hope to see you all again soon!!   🙂

Steve, Jason, Paul, Dan & Marcy
























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