Hey everyone! Really, really exciting news today! We’ve very pleased to announce that beginning next Wednesday, March 7th, Columbus Trivia Challenge will be hosted by…Eddie George’s Grille 27!!
(Yeah, THAT Eddie George!)

We’re very excited to have our first campus-area location and MAN! do they have some great thing in store for you! $50, $25 & $10 gift cards to the top three teams each week, $12 Buckets of Yuengling mix and match with lager, light and black and tan bottles (5 bottles per bucket), $4 Jameson Shots and drinks, and $2.75 for a 20oz Fresh Draft Beer of the Month (March its Miller Lite). And that’s not all! They’re also putting together a TERRIFIC long-term prize to recurring teams!! More details to come..

The game is going to be hosted by CD101’s own Ed Francis who many of you already know from The Filling Station. This will be a terrific new venue for us and we’re really looking forward to building a great crowd together. Be sure to tell your friends and come out to join us starting next Wednesday, March 7th. See you all there!!    🙂

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