Hey Guys, BIG NEWS! Starting tonight, June 20th, Columbus Trivia Challenge and Eddie George’s Grille 27 are kicking off our first annual Trivia Olympics! It is a six-week tournament that will culminate with an invitation-only championship game to be held on Sunday, August the 5th. Eddie George’s will be awarding over a $1,000 in cash, gift cards and prizes, not to mention some sweet, custom-made Olympic medals for each member of the top three teams!

Over the next six weeks, a running total will be kept of each team’s cumulative score. At the end of the sixth game, the top scoring teams will be invited to play in the championship game. The highest scoring teams will start the game with bonus points, decreasing down to the last team. For the teams competing in the tournament, you will be limited to only four team members each, and you will need to keep the same team name throughout the tournament so that we can keep track of your point totals.

We still welcome ANYONE to come out and play at Eddie’s! If you don’t want to participate in the tournament or limit yourself to just four people, you’re still very welcome to come out and play anyway and take home the normal weekly prizes. The limits on team size and teams names apply ONLY to those of you who wish to compete in the tournament. Also, while you don’t HAVE to play all six games…you will greatly increase your chances to win if you do!

The fun starts tonight. If you’ve ever dreamed of being an Olympic Champion…well, alright, you’re still probably screwed on that dream. BUT you can still win a sweet medal and show off to all of your friends how much smarter you are than all of them! It all starts tonight at 8:30 at Grill 27. Will you be there?

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